wireless card cannot get dhcp lease without ssid broadcast?

Chris Mangrum mangrum at gmail.com
Thu May 3 02:17:46 UTC 2007

Hello all, I hope this is the right place to ask this question.  I have a
wireless AP with the ssid broadcast turned off and MAC filtering turned on
(no WEP or WAP).  I did a fresh install of xubuntu 7.04 from CD.  By
default, my wireless card was detected but not enabled.  I set the essid
using the network manager and left the addressing mode on auto (DHCP).  It
worked fine after setting it for the first time.  The next day after turning
off my laptop overnight, I powered on and I got a link light on my card but
no IP address.  I tried bringing the interface down, up, resetting the
essid, manually entering the IP, but was not able to get it working again.
I then set my AP to broadcast the ssid and now I can get a proper connection
again with no further adjustments.  It seems that the wireless has trouble
re-establishing a complete connection to the AP if the ssid is not being
broadcast.  I ran the same test again after powering down and when it comes
back up and ifconfig shows an ip, but when I try to get to the internet the
ip is lost and no connection can be made unless I first enable the ssid
broadcast on the router and then bring the wireless card down and up again.
This did not happen with 6.10.  Is this enough information to confirm a
problem (or lack of a problem if I'm just going crazy) or do you need
something more specific?


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