Looking Ahead: Xubuntu Feisty+1, Part 1

Freddy Martinez freddymartinez9 at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 28 15:13:28 UTC 2007

== Marketing ==

I think the first step to remedying this issue is to find a volunteer who is
interested in taking charge of Marketing for Xubuntu.

I volunteer myself. Cody, we have worked before on UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter
and I hope you know that is a project I try help heavily on.  In terms of
team building, I have no issues with this, I have been on teams (Mozilla
Team anybody) from the very beginning and our evolution has been a great
experience. I also do Ubuntu Chicago and try to get more of our members (/me
looks at Jim ) working on Ubuntu.

Oh, and of course they would help write release announcements, etc. etc.

I have done a little of this before with Richard Johnson on Kubuntu. Not a
lot, proof reading mostly, but I understand the concept.

== Documentation ==

If there is anyone interested in taking the initiative to take a leadership
position in the Xubuntu documentation effort, feel free to let me know and
we can see about accelerating the process of getting you svn commit access.

Wow, I feel odd volunteering for two things but doc work is something I
would really like to get started in more. I helped write some of the Kubuntu
system docs and played around with SVN a bit but nothing to major (like
building the package). However, a doc team is something I can get involved
in. I don't wish to be the leader, but rather, to work with them heavily.

== Bug Triage ==

The question is: How do get people to help triage bugs AND continue to work
at it? Maybe instead of a team to help promote it, a weekly bug
report/summary for Xubuntu would be helpful. Maybe we could get some sort of
competition going? What other ideas can we brainstorm?

One thing I have learned is that as soon as you get people learning how to
triage (becoming familiar with LP, how to use bug states etc), they soon go
nuts on it. Teaching how to handle bug reports is something I have done in
the past, maybe a bug training session for Xubuntu would be a good idea? I'd
be willing to take an hour or two out of my week and lead one.

== Xubuntu Council ==

Is an Xubuntu Council similar to the Edubuntu and Kubuntu Councils required?

Yes, I think so. This could be a good way for people who do great work on
Xubuntu to get their Ubuntu Membership.

P.S. I think I may need to change my footer at some point.

Freddy Martinez
Kubuntu. Linux for human beings.
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