getting useful backtraces via -dbgsym packages

Joachim Ziegler codingstone at
Mon Mar 19 20:30:13 UTC 2007

Jani Monoses schrieb:
> Hello,
> in the past weeks the number of automatic reports of crashes in
> xfdesktop4 , xfce4-session and xfce4-panel have increased
> considerably. To have a better chance at debugging them we need more 
> useful backtraces than the ones currently generated by apport from
> the stripped binaries.
> So if any of you are among the reporters of those crashes you could
> install the corresponding -dbgsym packages.

How do I know whether I am among these reporters if those reports are 
submitted automatically?

Anyway, I'd like to contribute. Should I install the dbsym packaegs?


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