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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Mon Mar 19 14:53:21 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I feel like I am spamming this group lately, but there has been a lot going
on with ISO testing.  This is because ISO testing is shifting from a
developer-based effort to one that is based on efforts from the community.
And although this frees up our devs to actually do development work, in the
short-term it means some change.

Although my most recent email to this group still describes the current
testing and reporting procedures, discussions about changes to ISO testing
is taking place in a new ubuntu-forum section dedicated to ISO testing.
They are putting together a forums-based x/k/ed/ubuntu-wide ISO testing
team, and I would like to have Xubuntu representatives participating.  Here
is the link to the Development CD/DVD Image Testing portion of the forum:

Additionally, they've created an irc channel dedicated to ISO testing,
#ubuntu-iso, on the network.  Feel free to stop by and ask
questions about testing.  If you see someone on there with the nick, "j1mc"
say Hi to him.  He is nice.  :)  Thanks, all.


jwcampbell at
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