Why are there 2 printer daemons running by default?

Joachim Ziegler codingstone at codingstone.de
Tue Mar 6 18:19:05 UTC 2007

Hello Harold,

Harold Aling wrote:
> Only if plug-and-play will start hplib automatically so that the user 
> doesn't have to do anything to get his/her printer/scanner working...

Sorry, I do not understand your statement.

I do not have an HP attached, so this service should not be started on 
my machine (according to Xubuntu's philosophy of being lean). Of course, 
if more than 50% of all Xubuntu users have an HP attached, then this 
service should probably be enabled by default. But have they? I am in 

You could start a lot of services in advance so that some users would 
not have to do anything to get their hardware working. But this would 
not be a lean distribution.

Greetings and thank you all for your fantastic work in Xubuntu,

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