Thoughts on bringing devs in

Jesus Gamio jgamio at
Tue Jun 26 16:18:19 UTC 2007

Excuse me for my English.

In my personal opinion have a it is a great idea. I think
Xubuntu need more sources of the information. I know Freddy and Jim are
working in the formal documentation and maybe i am wrong but Vicent has a
unofficial Xubuntu guide. This is great but The planet is a source of the
information where you shared experiences. I feel this would be complement
for the documentation. This would help to the people get involved with

I had planed to help to the documentation but I realized my English maybe is
not ready to help to write documentation documents. I think maybe I can
shared some experiences in a planet in an informal talk.

Freddy I am an old windows developer who start to use linux/gnu since this
January. Where Can I find or read  information to get involved with xubuntu

Jesus Gamio
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