Some good labelling system so we know it is xubuntu-gutsy-alternate rather than ubuntu

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>         xubuntu-gutsy-alternate rather than ubuntu
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> I blame firefox then :)
> -Adam

Hi Adam,
     blaming firefox doesn't solve the situation. What I usually do is
download the .isos via .torrent. There is nothing in the .torrent file
which tells me that xubuntu is different from ubuntu. The name is same
and you cannot expect people to know that the .torrent or .iso's are
specifically xubuntu rather than ubuntu.
     I'm sure there are many people who do download from the nearest
mirror which might be official or not. For the end user he's is just
downloading what is said. Now if the .torrent maker or the mirror
provider either by mistake or with manovalent intentions makes both
xubuntu & ubuntu .torrents next each other & writes either ubuntu or
xubuntu on both of them this wouldn't this be wrong. A pretty good
e.g. was given by somebody before who did a simple re-name. With
services like .metalink on the rise it would be nice if atleast on the
official servers we do have something which can be trusted & if
wrongly packaged can shoot an e-mail stating to the administrator
(atleast to the official packagers) that the mistake happened.

Actually the same issue happened with me, for I downloaded the
.torrent file , did some other things like backups , checking mail ,
had a bath etc. then came back to install the OS. I burnt the CD
thinking it was xubuntu (it had the alternate installer) but only
after the whole thing was done I came to know that no, it was not
xubuntu but ubuntu which I had installed. I do seriously think you
guys somehow make a clear differentiation if xfce has to have a
chance. It is/was the gutsy gibbon tribe-1 .
My idea was to download the .torrent , do the installation & see if
there were any changes or differentiations I could mark between the
ubuntu installer & the xubuntu installer in some way. But now I guess
I have to wait for tribe 2 to hit & if possible get something
positive. It would only help us in the long run.
          Shirish Agarwal
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