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jmak jozmak at
Wed Jun 13 01:16:53 UTC 2007

On 6/12/07, Lionel Le Folgoc <mrpouit at> wrote:
> jmak wrote:
> > Hello all,
> Hi,
> > On another front, I found a great icon theme, originally made for kde
> > but lately ported into gnome. This icon theme by all means should be
> > the default for xubuntu gutsy; they look elegant especially with the> > graphite colors I am working on. You can take a look at them here
> > (still on the old background):
> > However, someone
> > from the xubuntu team has to package them otherwise they will never
> > make it into gutsy. The same with the Murrina theme. Cody?
> This theme looks nice, but it seems very similar to OS X icon theme (I
> am not sure this is a good thing ^^).
> Moreover, I don't feel really confident with dropping tango... Is this
> theme as complete as tango? And is it actively developed?

Hi Lionel,

I am not suggesting to drop tango. It will still be part of xubuntu
just like the gnome or the human icon sets. What I am suggesting is to
add the Aqua icon theme to the pack and make it default. People who
want to use tango still can choose it from the setting manager. The
fact is that users are frequently complaining on the mailing list
about the lack of nice icons for xubuntu. I remember when we started
the mailing list the very first entry for the list was a complaint
about the lack of good-looking icons. I don't know that the icons have
mac style or not because I don't use mac but if they do have why would
that be a problem?

> > During the feisty phase we discussed the artworks a lot yet neither
> > murrina nor the icon theme made into feisty. I hope this time we will
> > succeed. For the time being these would be the most urgent tasks
> > regarding the look and feel project; I have other suggestions as well
> > but lets first tackle these ones.
> I can take care of murrine and the murrina theme if everybody is ok to
> have this theme as xubuntu gutsy default one (and of course, if it meets
> the requirements for main).
> Anyway, I think it would be better to test these themes (I am already
> using a murrina theme, but not with graphite colors) before coming to a
> decision. ;)

Thanks for offering to take care with the murrina theme. We already
decided to make it default for Feisty, but nobody took care with it so
it never made it into feisty. I am suggesting the use of the Gray
murrina theme because the new color scheme I am working on calls for
that. But lets see what others think. When I finish the artworks i
will post screen-shots so that everyone can clearly see the idea
behind the suggestion.



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