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Jesus Gamio jgamio at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 18:55:01 UTC 2007

I have some doubts. I am relative new in the GNU/Linux just 5 months for
now. Excuse me, but I feel lost sometimes.

The Goals are :

   - We want give to the users a  good documentation support: If already
   exist a Xubuntu Documentation Team why don't work in this team to improve
   the documentation. Maybe the launchpad is not good enough to work with
   documentation I don't know if we can work the documents like code  but where
   is the documentation work ? I am sure Jim and Freddy do a good work but you
   need help maybe just to somebody read the material and do some appointments
   . About the translation I do some translations but the link maybe would be
   in the documentation translation tab follow by language is a waste the time
   maybe problem with the launchpad this need be improved.

   -  We want a light application to show up the documentation.: if the
   Welcome Centre is going to  the base to start I think is good idea improve
   this with the  Specifications but why create another project and halt this
   project don't make sense for me. Maybe with a need branch is enough.

Jesus Gamio
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