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Jesus Gamio jgamio at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 13:21:40 UTC 2007

Hi Jani

wouldn't it work faster and get more feedback if instead of a spec the site
> itself
> was prototyped? Take the ubuntu drupal theme, and with maybe minor CSS+art
> changes and
> the main (not archives) content of xubuntu.org put it up somewhere. If you
> have access
> to xubuntu.org do you have enough rights to set up a subdomain for it (
> beta.xubuntu.org)

If you don't use spec how do you thing work in a prototype ? What do you
prototype ?

Then people can get real feedback and proceed with improving it in small
> steps.
> Writing a spec is as you say boring, and I think it has the effect of
> demotivating people working on it,
> whereas a live site would get more contributors excited and be visible
> progress.

I agree in the small steps are great because you can see the progress and
that write spec is boring but I think is a must.

I first steps should be spec and the art.  if you spend time in these boring
topic the site is going to be create in a fast way. Because you don't think
about what now just work follow a plan.

I agree with you that the process is slow but depend on us to work to break
this issue.

All of us wish a nice site but The first step should be the goals what we
want to reach.

You can have a very good looking site but without the correct information
don't make sense to change the site.
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