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Vincent imnotb at
Fri Jul 20 13:50:45 UTC 2007

On 20/07/07, Terry_G_Davis at <Terry_G_Davis at> wrote:
>  Hey Vincent:
> I misplaced that info you supplied on the mini Xubuntu download that you
> had up. Can you resend that so I can test it and put it up online so we can
> get that out to the masses some more?


The XubuntUSB [1] image atm is available in two forms: a torrent [2] and
from a server from an Ubuntuforums member at [3]. There are complaints about
that server being terribly slow, so another would still be appreciated ;-)

I could upload it somewhere using FTP, but the timing now is not the best as
I'll be going on holiday tomorrow and won't have the time to do it today...
So that would be in at least five weeks :(


Thank You
> Terry

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