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Sun Jul 15 17:38:00 UTC 2007

On 7/15/07, Jari Rahkonen <jari.rahkonen at> wrote:
> I'd have to go with the "traditional" one too. The single-bottom-panel
> layout is probably the one most of us have grown accustomed to. From the
> usability viewpoint it might be best to make the panel full width to put
> the menu button in the lower left corner of the screen. And maybe add a
> label or make the button wider by some other means for discoverability.
> But then someone would get their panties in a bunch and say we're
> copying Windows I guess...

I'm not a fan of the double-panel GNOME-like setup either. It seems like a
waste of screen real estate, especially now that widescreen displays are
becoming very common. I also use a full-width single bottom panel, à
laWindows. A lot of people seem to do this, or use a single top panel,
in a
pseudo-OS X manner.

As for people complaining about copying the Windows UI, have you seen most
of the screenshots on Xfce-Look and GNOME-Look? Just about everyone is
attempting to copy the Vista and OS X desktops.
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