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Tue Jul 10 02:29:01 UTC 2007

On 7/9/07, Jari Rahkonen <jari.rahkonen at> wrote:
> Harold Aling kirjoitti:
> > The wait is for someone to fork my -until recently- favorite burner:
> > Graveman (maybe even rename it to Xfburn-ng ('ng' as in 'new
> > generation') or something)
> >
> Would it not be a bit weird to be working on something like Xfburn-ng
> while the first generation is still a relatively new project that's yet
> to reach a stable release. This list has already come to the conclusion
> that there is no obvious replacement for Xfburn in Xubuntu, so one would
> think that the most sensible course of action is to help Mr Wauthy fix
> it's shortcomings (contributing code if possible, bug reports and
> encouragement in any case) instead of looking for something else to fork.
> Xfburn trunk uses libburn instead of cdrecord by the way and could soon
> be what you're all looking for. Sadly it seems that the sole developer
> is too busy with other things to make this happen in a timely manner, at
> least without outside help.
> - Jari

It would indeed be preferable that Xfburn be improved dramatically.

Currently on my Windows partition, I've got a Free app called InfraRecorder
( This is exactly the kind of thing
that I'd like Xfburn to become. It handles all of the things you'd like to
use a CD/DVD burner for, has a clean, minimal interface (even uses the Tango
icons) and isn't burdened with the superfluous features that other burners
tend to integrate (audio ripping, etc). The installer only weighs in at a
2.56 MB too. I recommend anyone with a Windows partition/machine to take a
look at it.
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