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On 7/9/07, Harold Aling <h.aling at> wrote:

> I really like Linux, but I don't understand why there isn't more
> cooperation while developing applications. There are almost a zillion CD/DVD
> burners for *nix out there and almost none of them are actively developed.
> If the developers who created those -mostly half functional- applications
> worked together on one killer burner, the chances of it becoming
> unmaintained are way smaller and the quality of the applications would also
> be of a higher standard...
> The wait is for someone to fork my -until recently- favorite burner:
> Graveman (maybe even rename it to Xfburn-ng ('ng' as in 'new generation') or
> something)
> -H-
> PS: Top posting makes this thread really hard to read... Please
> bottom-post and cut away unnecessary replies...
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Sorry about the formatting thing.

I agree about the unnecessary abundance of burning apps. KDE devs seem to
focus on supporting and improving K3B, thus making it the best Linux burning
app by most people's standards. Unfortunately there's really nothing like
that for GTK/GNOME. Brasero comes closest, I guess. It's the only one still
being maintained, as I said before. Unfortunately it also comes with all of
those GNOME deps...

A fork of Graveman is definitely needed, it seems.
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