CD/DVD Burner

Hexzenn hexzenn at
Sun Jul 8 05:00:18 UTC 2007


Currently Xfburn is rather inadequate for most people in need of a CD/DVD
burner. It doesn't handle DVD-Rs at all, and many people report having
problems with it. Obviously it needs to be replaced.

I would have recommended Graveman, since it's free of GNOME dependencies,
however it seems Graveman development is dead (no updates in a year). That
leaves us with GnomeBaker or Brasero, unless there is another GTK/GNOME
CD/DVD burner that I'm unaware of.

Zenwalk recently had the same dilemma and went with GnomeBaker.

I know this issue has been discussed previously on this list, but it didn't
seem like any conclusions were made.
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