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Mon Jul 2 19:48:16 UTC 2007

On 02/07/07, Lionel Le Folgoc <mrpouit at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> At the previous meeting we spoke of xfce4-places-plugin, but iirc, we
> didn't come to a conclusion. I think many people may be interested in
> it, it could be a good candidate for main inclusion.
> xfce4-places-plugin is the equivalent to Gnome places menu (I am not
> sure of the name, I don't use Gnome ^_^). Gauvain packaged it some times
> ago, I just updated the package with a new upstream release.
> As the Gnome menu, it contains the following entries :
> - home folder
> - desktop
> - trash
> - file system
> - recent accessed files.
> Its look can be a bit customized (via right-click>properties, as other
> xfce4-panel plugins):
> - label only:
> http://people.dunnewind.net/mrpouit/xubuntu-gutsy/label-only.png
> - icon only:
> http://people.dunnewind.net/mrpouit/xubuntu-gutsy/icon-only.png
> - icon+label:
> http://people.dunnewind.net/mrpouit/xubuntu-gutsy/icon%2blabel.png
> And it's of course already localized in many languages (mk, et, dz, uk,
> pa, zh_TW, gl, sq, el, fi, be, de, fr, hu, zh_CN, sv, it, nl, eo, pl,
> pt_BR, ru, lt, ca, en_GB, tr, eu, ro, he, cs, ar, ko, ka, ja and es to
> be precise :P)
> What do you think of shipping it by default in xubuntu? If yes, which
> appearance (label/icon/both)? Or is it too similar to Gnome?
> Cheers,
> Lionel

+1 for shipping, I'd go for the label only, especially because the icon is
the same as I have currently set for "File management" and because such an
icon makes it look just like any other icon.

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