Developments Idea's for feisty and next distro

Laurent C lcontzen at
Fri Jan 12 14:43:56 UTC 2007


What brought me to xubuntu is Zenwalk. I've been using ubuntu for a
while, and when I tried Zenwalk "for fun" I've been amazed by Xfce. As I
wanted this environnement but didn't wanted to quit ubuntu, I tried
xubuntu and I've first been disappointed by this Gnome-like look. After
some time configurating the panels i've come to something quite close to
what I wanted and I'm now very happy with xubuntu (greetings to all
contributors for this exellent work).

Anyway, I'm not saying that just to speak about my life, but to come to
one point :
Considering the fact that IMHO a lot of users first chooses their distro
by looking at screeshots couldn't it be better to avoid that xubuntu
looks exactly as ubuntu with a blue skin? Why don't try to distribute
xubuntu with Xfce's panel configuration closer to Zenwalk's default
(ex : )?
It could maybe help people to discover the real potential of Xfce (and
xubuntu in the same time) in place of thinking that's juste a gnome like
and due to that don't try it.

This is my first post on this ML, I hope I'm allowed to post here and
that doesn't annoy anyone (and I aslo hope that my english isn't too



> Hello, 
> So let's talk about real development here.
> I have done some research on how to improve xubuntu. I have looked at
> dreamlinux zenwalk and fedora and there xfce desktops. There are quite a
> lot of things that are good idea's for xubuntu.
> I would recommended to set vmware images on the website for dreamlinux
> xubuntu and zenwalk. This is for testing and research.
> We could implement more panel plugins like in DreamLinux.
> We could implement search tools like in zenwalk.
> We could implement a better working combination of the programs like in
> dreamlinux and zenwalk.
> What do you guy's think?
> Regards,
> Jelle

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