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Fri Jan 12 09:06:36 UTC 2007

this is not a developers view. I'm just a user, so if you think what I
suggest can't be done or is not good, just ignore it, please.

> We could implement more panel plugins like in DreamLinux.

Yes. First, it looks good on screenshots. Second, most of us will use them
This is what I would definitely start with: Mailwatcher, CPU-Graph, Battery
Monitor (on Laptops :-), no clock, but orage-clock, Network Monitor (one for
each device), System Load Monitor, Volume Control
They fit very well on a single panel. If you want a screenshot, have a look
here: <>
And just for the eye-candy sake, why not include something like the
cairo-clock by default?

We could implement search tools like in zenwalk.

I don't like beagle, so I would be happy with something else. And yes, I
have missed it.

We could implement a better working combination of the programs like in
> dreamlinux and zenwalk.

Not sure what you mean, but it sounds good :-)

> What do you guy's think?
Ok, some additional stuff:

- A Xubuntu-Help-Center (on the desktop, as a launcher), that guides new
users through: first, looking at the faq and mailing archives; second, help
them to ask at the mailing list (with buttons to include xorg.conf or
similar stuff in the mail), and third: help them to file a bug report!

And just a general comment about all the new-look, menu-button, gnome-clone
thing, that was on this mailing list for some time:
Yes, I would love to see more cool stuff, a better icon theme (I use one of
the human-fancy in blue), murrina with the configurator. Dreamlinux seems to
rock: when you visit their website, everything is shiny and cool...
Xubuntu looks a bit like a gnome-clone. So the first things I do after
installing is: remove one panel, change the icon theme, change the gtk
theme, change the window theme, install a new cursor theme
I would also not use a menu-button, because Windows has one! We don't want
Windows and we don't want to look like Windows!

And by the way, I don't run Xfce because I have old hardware, but because I
think it's far superior to gnome and kde. I hate all this pop-up infos in
gnome, and all those useless sidebars in kde. Xfce does what I want it to do
and very fast, and that is a feature, even on new hardware!

Hope this helps to see the "users view", at least mine...


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