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Tue Jan 9 23:38:59 UTC 2007

Yes, i agree. The live CD can be hard or sometimes impossible to use for
many computers, and upgrading can be considered a chore as you have to back
up all your data and re-install applications, themes, splash-screens, login
pages, etc and reconfigure your system.
This is one way people may start to dislike ubuntu and favor other OSs.


Personally, I'm thinking something different to this "issue". I personally
> think the "issue" comes from "misleading in the web site".
> On most download sites of (K,X,Ed)ubuntus, they states: LiveCD is the one
> "most people will need". However, it is wrong.
> I personally think: LiveCD is only designed for troubleshooting and most
> people should use "Alternative install CD" instead. --- when the OS in
> your
> hard disk got problem, especially when they don't boot, you can use LiveCD
> and boot your computer to see if problem can be solved. --- The "install"
> feature of LiveCD is just a "bonus" and should never be considered the
> default way to install your OS.  --- please note that the LiveCD has no
> "upgrade" feature, what would you think if the vendor told you "you could
> never upgrade your OS, when new version comes you could only reinstall
> your
> operating system from scratch!"
> If the aim is to install or upgrade your Ubuntu(or Kubuntu, Xubuntu), IMO
> most people should download and use alternative CD. To say: if you don't
> know what you want, then just try the alternative INSTALL CD. It's not an
> alternative, it is the CD you should use for INSTALL...
> --
> Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606
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