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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Jan 9 19:02:22 UTC 2007

jmak wrote:
> The idea is to develop a distinct personality for xubuntu. I am just
> coming up with ideas that I think would improve xubuntu's usability
> and look and feel. By the way, everybody is invited to join in.

and good work so far, it's just that your ideas are a bit further ahead 
sometimes than what we can do technically now, being limited by 
available resources and time.

> Anyway, if we don't customize the desktop just take whatever others
> think the default should be then we justify the critics according to
> which xubuntu is just a poor gnome clone in an xfce clothing. Look at
> Dreamlinux, it is everywhere nowadays, but I don't think just because

I think it is the first time I hear about Dreamlinux so it is definitely 
not everywhere ;)

As for critics saying it's a gnome clone: why is that bad? While I agree
that looks are very important, they are not what most distinguishes 
ubuntu/xubuntu from other distros. The 'gnome ripoff' argument is mostly 
heard from users who hop from one distro to another or just judge them 
by their screenshots, then inflict their opinions on others via comments 
on osnews and other glamour news-sites :)

IMHO Gnome is a very decent-looking and usable desktop especially for 
new users. Xfce is not there yet, so any comparison wrt looks and 
usability I find favorable. GNOME falls short wrt resource usage and 
often wrt stability, and this is where Xfce is somewhat better.

So I am all for good looks if they are technically doable (and not 
require modifications to xfdesktop or other components just for this) in 
a short time, but as long as our resources are limited we'll probably 
spend them on fixing bugs :( In particular the button instead of text is 
not readily doable AFAIK in the current menu, and it also poses l10n 
issues as raised in this thread already


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