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jmak jozmak at
Tue Jan 9 18:21:32 UTC 2007

The idea is to develop a distinct personality for xubuntu. I am just
coming up with ideas that I think would improve xubuntu's usability
and look and feel. By the way, everybody is invited to join in.
Anyway, if we don't customize the desktop just take whatever others
think the default should be then we justify the critics according to
which xubuntu is just a poor gnome clone in an xfce clothing. Look at
Dreamlinux, it is everywhere nowadays, but I don't think just because
of the applications it installs by default. But rather because of its
innovative interface that people like to play with. So don't be timid
and just follow what others do. Remember the last year about the logo
discussions? There were lots of nay sayers--logo shouldn't be glossy,
shouldn't be shadows, shouldn't be 3D and things like that. And when I
presented the concept to the ubuntu art list everyone adopted it right
away. So the conclusion is that we should strive to be leaders rather
than followers otherwise we never stick out from the crowd.

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