Live cd / alt cd in Xubuntu

alexander cox the.great.alexander.the.great at
Tue Jan 9 02:53:34 UTC 2007

>The biggest problem is that the text installer uses packages, and
>installs from sets of packages to the hard drive.  Very similar to
>booting into single user mode, and then using apt-get to install
>*everything*.  The Live CD does not contain packages in the same sense.
> The packages are already installed onto a compressed file system, and
>the installer just copies files from one file system to another during
>install.  In order to have both on one disk, you would need to use
>double the disk space, because all the packages would be on the CD
>twice, once in the Live file system, and once in the apt repository.
 Is it possible to create a liveCD that runs off packages instead of the
archive it is in now? Wouldn't it still be able to install *everything*?
 If not would it be possible to have some kind of extractor that reads that
file and puts the necessary packages into RAM or something to do the text
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