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I don't care if beryl is made to work with the ancient apple IIe. It is huge, and a complete waste. As an optional install after initial reboot (i.e. in the repo's) fine....but NOT the default!

Robert B. Lance Sr.

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  On 1/8/07, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:
    On 1/8/07, Vincent <imnotb at> wrote:
    > The only thing I'd like the theme to be is professional, I don't really mind
    > the colours because I'll change them myself anyways :D 
    > But about Beryl: don't. I use Beryl, but my computer isn't *that* old and I
    > do notice it runs faster on xfwm4.
    The same here; my computer is 5 years old but I dont notice any
    difference in terms of speed between xfvm and beryl. And dont forget
    beryl is still in alpha. The developers said that by the time of the
    next release it will work even older boxes.

  But that still means making it very slow for old computers and excluding some people. 

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