Claws-Mail in Xubuntu

Adam Miller maxamillion at
Sun Jan 7 11:11:12 UTC 2007

I agree that adding might be a good step in the right direction without
jumping in completely, there was talk of spare space in the iso image and we
were talking about applications to be installed by default (still think htop
should be in there hands down) and I think Claws would be a good option.


On 1/7/07, Jelle de Jong <jelledejong at> wrote:
> I want to have them both by default. The trick to acceptance is usually
> that it is not forces and goes slowly but stable. If we take away
> Thunderbird the step from windows to Linux would be more difficult that
> is not a good thing (bug nr 1). So keep Thunderbird in it. However I am
> in favor of a alternative of Thunderbird because I don't stand behind
> the technic used for it, GTK is much better. But now I need all the
> functionality of Thunderbird to just be able to work with it. It it
> already a fight between evolution and Thunderbird.
> So to conclude don't remove Thunderbird, add Claws Mail. Let it improve
> and be accepted then there may be a option to remove Thunderbird.
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