Claws-Mail in Xubuntu

Colin Leroy colin at
Sun Jan 7 10:14:18 UTC 2007

On 07 January 2007 at 03h01, Adam Miller wrote:


> Thank you for posting, there was a long conversation about the use of
> Claws in the irc channel due to the post on the forums and it seems
> there is a substantial amount of community support.

Good news :)

To address this post on the forum:

>     * The current support for html mails is incomplete. I don't send
> any html mails but some mails I receive are not detected as html and
> in fact reading source code is not very convenient.

Indeed we don't have HTML composition, that's a feature, I don't know
if it could be a blocker. The problem with reading HTML though is one
of the following:

- a bug, probably an easy one
- a non-conformant mail
- a mail that also has a text/plain part, in which case it's a feature
  not to show the html part by default.

>     * Claws Mail doesn't use the user's Gtk+2 theme

Can't see what the guy means here :)

> and preinstalled themes don't even include Tango.

We have one, but its license wasn't acceptable to Debian ftpmasters.
Very probably this could be fixed. 

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