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Sun Feb 25 10:04:49 UTC 2007

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Jim Campbell wrote:
> Jelle,
> Thanks for your comments.  When you refer to the "table with every phase
> of the testing process and a time table with it," are you referring to
> the ubuntu feisty release schedule
> <>?  Would you like me to
> provide a link to that in the testing wiki?  I think that would be a
> good reference to have, so I'll go ahead and set that up, but let me
> know if you were referring to something else.
> As for the custom user debugging testing scripts, I think I would prefer
> to just have solid standard testing scripts in place for right now.  I
> want to make it easy for people to report their tests, and not scare
> them away with requests for too much detail.  If there is a particular
> test that you would like to see added to either of the current testing
> scripts, though, please let me know.
> I'm going to be gradually refining the testing scripts over time,
> though, so perhaps you could give an example of what you had in mind?  I
> will certainly be looking to adding/subtracting/changing the test
> procedures in the future.
> Thanks again,
> Jim

Hi Jim,

That is exactly what I mean, thanks for adding it. Some more points. I
get very often lost on the wiki pages. I can't see the structure. Can
you create a page with the total structure with every page related to
the testing process?

Little example:
How do i get form there to:
How do i get from there to: (!There is something wrong with
the link to the testing page!) (interwiki broken, i changed some links
but its not interwiki anymore)

If you are on this page:
There is no way of knowing the relations of this page:
and go there.

You have to do it manually in the address bar!

Why are all links case sensitive?

If the testing process of Ubuntu is well documented and the structure is
clear. There should not be a need to recreate a new page for everything
on xubuntu. A copy past and some name and link changing should be fine.
But I can't find a clear structure of the testing process there either.

To be fare I thing the xubuntu testing docs are a lot better now and if
they improve on this way it would be very good.


PS. is it possible to get quoting rules for the xubuntu-devel list and
put them beneath in the header?
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