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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Tue Feb 20 18:06:48 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I've done some initial set-up work on the testing wiki, and now (per
discussions with Cody) want to implement the hierarchy of testing pages.
Here is the hierarchy that I was thinking of:

Note:  The hierarchy is based off of this page as the root:

/ Main testing info page.  Similar to what is up there now, but will have a
little less detail.  More of an introduction page.
        Provide direct links to the other portions of the Xubuntu ISO
testing wiki.

        Give an overview of testing process.
        Provide links & information about getting current ISO's & keeping
them up to date.
        Explain difference between long and short tests, and when to use
    Specific details about the long test.  A how-to, if you will
    Specific details about the short test

    Page to report tests for nightlies prior to their release
    Will include field to report on which nightly version has been tested
--> will help us to be more specific about what is being tested
    "Current" Page will be renamed "NightliesPreHerd5" upon release of Herd5
. . .
    Upon the release of a Herd (e.g., Herd5) create a page on
    This page would be for reporting test results for that Herd only.  Not
for nightly build test results
    Similar pages would be created upon each new milestone test release . .
    (I would re-label the "Current" page that is up right now to Herd4 just
because we didn't have specific pages in place for any of the prior Herds)

Question: How long should the test pages remain up (e.g., the pages for
tests of nightlies leading up to HerdX)?  Maybe keep them live on the wiki
until the final release (i.e., Feisty 7.04 final) is released?  That way
we'll have proof of our work??

Does it sound like I'm on the right track?

I wanted to run these by someone before doing the actual work, so please
send your suggestions back to me via the list.  I'd like to get these pages
up soon.  Thanks.  :)


jwcampbell at
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