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Jim Campbell jwcampbell at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 18:51:47 UTC 2007

Hi Gang,

I'd like to give a brief rundown on some topics I've been thinking of in
regards to Xubuntu documentation.  Part of this comes from a brief IRC
discussion last night, but other parts come from just things I've been
thinking of lately.

We don't currently have any documentation that relates to the Xfce-specific
elements of Xubuntu.  We are going to rectify that.  I need to review our
current Desktop Configuration section, but was thinking of including

Desktop configuration
- Hardware settings
 -- Set monitor display settings
- Appearance
 -- Select icons and themes
 -- Install new icons and themes
 -- Desktop transparency
 -- Change panel layout
 -- Configure fonts
 -- Install fonts
 -- Other?
- Desktop preferences
 -- Install panel applets
 -- Configure panel applets
 -- Change Thunar preferences
 -- Change Xfce4-Terminal preferences
 -- Change Mousepad preferences
- Other?

To set up the following, we should pull Xfce docs from Xfce SVN, and
incorporate their info so that some changes can be pushed upstream once
we're done.  I'm thinking of collecting docs from:
- Xfce4-terminal
- Mousepad
- Thunar
- Panel
- Panel Applets (some / all?)
- Other?

Other topics:
- I'm taking steps to learn packaging with the initial modest goal of being
able to package our documentation.  Please don't ask me to package more than
that right now.  :]
- Xubuntu-documentation-browser - Our docs look way more professional and
are much easier to navigate in Yelp than in a web browser.  Now that we have
a set of packaged documentation (the Gutsy docs), we could successfully test
how the doc browser works against our current documentation setup.
Giusseppe, would you have any interest in reviving the Xubuntu documentation
browser project (assuming that others didn't criticise the project too much
for reinventing the wheel)?  IIRC, we can now build Xubuntu with packages in
Universe, so the doc browser would not have to be in Main.  If Yelp can be
built w/o Gnome Libs, then that would be okay with me, too.  If Yelp cannot
be built w/o the heavy Gnome libs, then I would prefer the Xubuntu
documentation browser.

This is all for now.  I wanted to start this discussion amongst the team,
but I recognize that these ideas aren't complete.  Please share your
comments and thoughts.  Thanks!

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