Adding Gnome apps

Eero Tamminen oak at
Tue Dec 18 21:54:06 UTC 2007


On Tuesday 18 December 2007, Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> In my "endlessly debating" I hope to open Xubuntu's leaders eyes, many
> have complaint on Linux related web sites when Xubuntu Gutsy was
> released because of the gnome library inclusion. Xubuntu is not
> a lightweigher distro anymore. If you decided to change the Xubuntu
> target I agree with you.

Some facts please.

What is less lightweight?  Compared to what?

Time to login screen?
Time from login to ready desktop?
System memory usage (total - (free+cache+buffered)) at that stage?
Time to launch browser from ready desktop?
System memory usage at that stage?
Response time of e.g. menus?  Dialog opening?
When using the UI over network (remove X)?
Battery usage (if using laptop)?

Differs by how much?

On what kind of machine (memory, CPU, disk speed, swap size/use)?

(I think the main issue could be the bloat in the Ubuntu base system
Xubuntu gets from Ubuntu directly, not the desktop or apps as such.)

	- Eero

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