Jani Monoses jani at
Tue Dec 18 07:59:38 UTC 2007

> We have to work with what we have. If we have an icon sizing bug,
> doesn't this indicate that the panel, as it is now, wont function
> properly? Like a dual panel setup?
> Another thing, xfce is not updated on a regular basis like gnome. Who
> knows when this bug will be fixed; maybe never. So this means that we
> have to go with this current, obviously faulty, solution for...?

Although  upstream will probably take long to fix this and 4.6 is not 
near, there may be easy workarounds for the default icons.
What we can do now is see what is the minimum size that works fine and 
shrink the default. I agree it takes up a little bit more than it should

> Wouldn't make more sense to use the panels as they were conceive at
> the first place? Because in the original configuration they work
> pretty good.

As upstream said, that was not really conceived, it's mostly that way 
for historical reasons. From the times were there were few users and 
'cool' took precedence over 'user friendly'

While I am not strongly opposing a one panel setup, centered and 
autohide is *totally* out of question :)


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