jmak jozmak at
Mon Dec 17 19:34:07 UTC 2007


I just would like to draw your attention to a custom built xubuntu
flavor called eeexubuntu.

A video here:

As you can see the developer of this release uses the original xcfe
panel layout that I am advocating for xubuntu for some time. The small
screen size of the eepc calls for this.  This is another indication
that in real life situations an increasing number of devices requires
screen estate optimization that the two panel setup cannot meat.
Even ubuntu wont use the current gnome layout for ever. I've heard
rumors that in the post-hardy releases ubuntu might consider the awn
application launcher in the place of the second panel. If this will
happen, what are we going to do? Follow slavishly the gnome changes?
How can we develop a personality for xubuntu, if we do nothing but
always copy the minute changes in the gnome visual layout without
evaluating how these changes fit into xubuntu's long term vision?



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