no panel in liveCD

Perberos perberos at
Sat Dec 1 22:59:21 UTC 2007

When run live CD, panel crash and close without warn. And when is
installing, It crash... I can't install...
I restart GDM, and ubiquity got a python error...

There is a way to install without GUI? (I know, alternate CD... but with
live CD?)

Sorry about my poor english. *sob*

2007/11/28, Vincent <imnotb at>:
> I received this message, apparently the problem is still there in 7.10:
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> From: Benjamin Blanz <rganb at>
> Date: 26 Nov 2007 22:26
> Subject: Re: no panel in liveCD
> To: imnotb at
> Hi I've this problem on an old IBM thinkpad 770x no panels show up when
> running the livecd and after livecd install. xubuntu vers. 7.1
> downloaded today
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