Epiphany in Xubuntu?

evil_core krzysztof.krakowiak at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 22:14:22 UTC 2007

Hexzenn wrote:
> I can't think of any compelling reasons to package Epiphany by default
> over
> Firefox. Most users prefer Firefox, and Kubuntu not packaging Firefox by
> default is a problem many Kubuntu users have with a fresh install. One of
> the first things every Kubuntu user I know does with a fresh Kubuntu is
> install Firefox.
> The widening support for Firefox and extensions like NoScript and Adblock
> Plus (among others) are why I choose Firefox over alternatives.

Epiphany has native interface in GTK(firefox use XUL, and only use some
colors from GTK Scheme), so its much more native to XFCE than Firefox, not
only in widgets, but also Epiphany use Icon Scheme selected in  XFCE
Settings Manager(its a nightmare to search for nearly-looking theme for Fx,
after changing sth in XFCE/GTK look). I think that its important to have
unified loook&feel,

Epiphany is able to use every plugin(mozilla/gecko plugin, not extension)
that Firefox can use.(until its usind gecko, not webkit, but most plugins
works also in Konqueror)

Epiphany doesnt has that many extensions, but it has some in
epiphany-extensions package in Ubuntu, and some unofficial extensions you
can find w/o problem trough google. A prefer Adblock in Epiphany, cause it
has much more intuitive and celaner interface, with less options(it has
autodownloading rules, and adding/removing sites to the list), but its much
less confusing to users, especially new to linux. Remember thay most peoples
use IE still, not fx.

Xubuntu and XFCE is designed especially to low-end hardware (epiphany
without flash works smmothy on my pentium 2 350MHz), but Firefox is much
more resource hungry webbrowser, not only because its using Gecko, but
mainly by keeping unpacked bitmaps of images(also after closing tab), and
slow, low-responsive XUL interface. Epiphany doesnt has memory leaks and
crashes like Firefox occasionaly has, especially on systems with less than
256MB RAM.
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