some details/work for gutsy xubuntu

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Thu Aug 30 09:02:51 UTC 2007

Jmak can you make/find a nice icon for the /menu/Settings/Autostarted
Applications and sent it to Jani?

Jani can you patch the menu *.desktop file, so it will use a icon for
the Autostarted Applications program?

Cody can you do some small updates to the xubuntu-docs package and the
including Xubuntu Desktop Guide? Would you be willing to add a section
"About XFCE" and place a link with some text to the xfce4-about program
with a screenshot? Also the a similar section to xfhelp would be great?

Jani can you remove the "About XFCE" menu desktop form the xfce4-utils
package, as soon as the xubuntu-docs are updated?

Can we discuses the option for the removal of the Help entry in the
menu? And place an alternative launcher icon in the panel and add the
default homepage for the webbrowser (firefox) to show the index of the

Jmak, If you can find some extra time, how would you feel about finding
an alternative icon for the Appfinder tool? That would meet he Tango
Icon style, this way it can blend more with the total environment?

If we can all find a bit of time to realise these above points, we can
hit a nice milestone of the first completely matching xbuntu menu, where
all applications have icons that blend in with the tango icon style.
This will create a important positive impression on all the upcoming
xubuntu gusty reviewers!

How do you guys all feel about this?

Best regards,


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