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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 23 07:32:45 UTC 2007

> Jani, do you how much memory consumes file-roller for example with a
> LARGE archive? For large I mean a with 400000 files inside it.
> Try (pmap -d file_roller_pid | head and look at the third line) and
> see and THEN speak about what you feel.

That's the mistake you made: trying to write your app focusing on edge
cases and performance improvements and ignoring correctness and ease of use.
I told you (and Stephan) this last year too, but you did not care. Premature optimization
being the root of all evil and all that.

Who cares about what happens with a 1Gb archive? Well, some people do but believe me,
*many* more care about the case of .zip with 3 documents in it working well.

> I DONT have nothing against GNOME, neither GNOME developers who i
> don't even know, My opposition is purely technical, GNOME apps are
> heavy and memory consuming but you don't WANT to understand this.

yes you are technical, and in the same sentence you make the bogus and very general
statement than GNOME apps are heavy. All GNOME apps? Regardless of maturity, developer,
programming language used? You must know things hidden to me then.

>> So the k3b analogy that both you and Lionel brought up is fallacious.
> It was just an example to let you understand but you don't. It doesn't matter...
> The last word for including GNOME libraries lie to ALL Xubuntu
> developers and not to one person only.

Right. You are not a xubuntu developer however but one of the many upstreams and a very biased one too.
Among the devs I'll listen to Lionel for being the most active lately and Gauvain and Daniel Chen because
I trust their opinions - but they are not very active so unlikely to chip in.
For the rest everyone is entitled to opine as a Xubuntu user, which is what matters most
hence the forum poll.


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