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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 23 06:35:54 UTC 2007

> So Xubuntu will be differ from Ubuntu only because of the desktop
> environment? This idea of putting GNOME libs in Xubuntu sounds really
> fool. For years there was no good app burning for GNOME but they
> didn't include K3B for example. Let's wait for the main apps to be

I know, but including k3b in a GNOME distro is a lot more intrusive (different UI,
a *large* number of extra libs, and ideology indeed)

But that is way more extreme than including an app which looks the same since it is GTK
and shares many of the existing libraries already, and the alternative is *broken*, not merely

As a counterexample Kubuntu still ships Openoffice not Koffice. Why? Lack of duplication, more
mature software. It is a controversial decision but shows that ideology alone is rarely a good
basis for taking one. And I feel that the opposition towards GNOME apps in Xubuntu is not
a purely technical one but very much ideological or personal. Which, if true, sucks on a devel list.

So the k3b analogy that both you and Lionel brought up is fallacious.

> stripped off and then we can include them by making them available in
> the repository; no need to rush.

Indeed Ubuntu did not include cool new stuff if it was not good enough - for ex it shipped with
xpdf for 5.04 since evice was too young.
That however was a decision based on bugs and matury of the app. The criteria this thread revolves around
are different. I do not want to include buggier apps than we already have of course, so if brasero
has too many it is a better argument against it, than the fact it uses GNOME libs.

Again, the only thing I want with this is having apps with better UI, less bugs and possibly more features that
are usually needed by users. IF there is a chance of doing that we have to weigh against te disadvantages.

Overlapping with GNOME, Canonical support etc, are accidental even though welcome bonuses IMO.

So while I indeed try to get as much overlap and reuse GNOME apps that in itself is not a goal, only if by the
overlap we either gain significantly in stability or ease of use, or do not loose anything significant.

A good idea would be to know what Xubuntu deployers do, but unfortunately have not heard back since the original query.

I know Jonathan Carter said they added OOo on their Xubuntu based schoool systems, but do not know what else.

Gauvain, anything gnomish in linutop  besides OOo?


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