Compliments on the Xubuntu artwork

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Thu Aug 23 02:22:14 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I read this in our #ubuntu-chicago channel today, so I thought I would pass
it along to the team.

21:13 <superm1> speaking of docs, did you guys see the new xubuntu usplash?
21:13 <nixternal> no I haven't
21:13 <nixternal> does it look good?
21:13 <superm1> someone posted a link in a channel today. let me see if i
                find it in my history
21:13 <superm1> its damn sexy.
21:13 <nixternal> ya, find it
21:14 <nixternal> that is great to see Xubuntu kicking some ass artwork wise
21:14 <OmniColos> I like the debian blogs, its cool to read about the lives
                  the devs
21:14 <nixternal> some of them are a little wacko though
21:14 <superm1>
21:14 <OmniColos> those are my favorite
21:14 <nixternal> if you see Dirk Eddueujbuenbnel or however you spell his
                  name, he lives in Chicago..he is the DD I hang out
21:14 <nixternal> with
21:15 <nixternal> omg that is hot!
21:15 <OmniColos> yeah xubuntu gutsy
21:15 <superm1> yea i am very jealous of it.  i sure hope the ubuntu and
                kubuntu ones get a nice revamp like that
21:16 <nixternal> no doubt
21:16 <nixternal> Ubuntu won't change theirs, they don't like change when it

                  comes to artwork
21:16 <superm1> and i'm gonna point my mythbuntu artwork guys to look at it
21:16 <superm1> see if they want to redo ours

Thanks, Jmak!!!  And congrats!

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