How awesome is Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 5? (A question that we need help to answer)

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Wed Aug 22 20:03:30 UTC 2007

Hello All,

Did you know that Xubuntu is awesome?  Yes, of course you did.  However,
have you noticed how awesome Xubuntu is LATELY?  What's that you say?  No?
Well, in case you haven't witnessed the awesomeness of Xubuntu recently, you
now have a chance to experience it's awesomeness firsthand.  That's right.
We are looking for ISO testers to test the Tribe-5 candidate images, and you
can help us.  In fact, we really do need your help.  The Tribe-5 release of
Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon is set for tomorrow (Thursday), and they have just
completed re-creating the Xubuntu ISO's, and testing the releases can now

For those of you who have recently completed ISO test installations, the
process will remain as awesome as it was previously, but now you can
subscribe to a test.  This will allow you to get notifications of when that
test assignment is open and is ready for testers.  If you subscribe to a
test (recommended) you will have the opportunity to know the exact moment at
which you can verify the awesomeness of Xubuntu.

Instructions on how to perform and report a test are included in our wiki,<>(note
the new link), and the ISO
test tracker is here:

As a note, this release does ship with bugs!  :-)  (Xubuntu is awesome, but
not yet perfect)  Targeted bugs for the Tribe 5 release are being tracked
Not all of these have been fixed, so please try to duplicate the ones that
are relevant to your installation.

Of course, if you aren't sure of what to do and need some help, feel free to
ask a question in #ubuntu-iso on the Freenode IRC network, or send a reply
to the mailing list.  Thank you for your help!


Xubuntu Awesomeness team administrator
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