Poll for GNOME dependencies

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
Wed Aug 22 07:13:57 UTC 2007

jmak kirjoitti:
> I've just checked out the forum and now, we can have 10 options in
> each question.
> For the first question
> I made up the following list
> 1) what apps do you install besides defaults
> a) Banshee
> b) Openoffice
> c) VLC
> d) Mplayer
> e) Brasero
> f) Update-notifier
> g) Gimmage
> d) Bluez-gnome
> k) Network-manager
> l) Swiftfox
> For the second question,
> so far, we have
> 2) what apps from the default install do you remove
> a) gxine
> b) gqview (if it were possible to remove...)
> c) abiword
> d) gnumeric
> Think about what else we can add to the second list.
> Review the choices in the first question and advise if you want
> something to change.
> jmak

Would a forum poll allow choice of more than one option? If not, this
doesn't sound very useful. Isn't a multiple choice poll what you're
looking for? A custom form on xubuntu.org might be a bit too much, so a
simple thread might be the best choice, even though the data would be
much harder to collect.

BTW, I can see this blowing up into a show-and-tell, where everyone
posts about an app they think is the bees knees and should definitely be
included. Regardless of how you formulate the question. Not that such a
thread couldn't be a source for ideas.

In any case, to the first list I'd add inkscape. Is the image viewer
question that important? What's so bad about gqview? I'd just leave it
be until the new "official" xfce image viewer (ristretto) is mature and
ready for inclusion.

- Jari

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