Poll for GNOME dependencies

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 06:31:24 UTC 2007

Ok, maybe this leads to too many options.
We will most definitely not include OOo and drop abiword and gnumeric
Also will not inlcude vlc or mplayer because they're too hard to maintain and
are in universe and have weird patent issues.

Maybe a (yet) better wording would have been: what apps that are in main (not universe and multiverse)
are you installing? And list a few apps that are not going to change (abi/gnumeric/tbird/xfce core/thunar)

Since the original reason for this poll was to see if we can overlap with Ubuntu an even closer wording is

What apps that are installed by default in Ubuntu but not in Xubuntu you install.
gucharmap (mentioned below) is such an app, so a god example that can come up.

> Neither are totally complete lists, but they're good enough:
> 1) What apps do you install besides defaults?
> a) Audacious
> b) VLC
> c) SMPlayer
> d) Deluge
> e) Grip
> f) EasyTAG
> g) Comix
> h) Geany
> i) Gucharmap
> j) htop
> k) NetworkManager

htop is a techie tool, please see what the condition was : non-techie user tools only.

> 2) What apps from the default install do you remove?
> a) OpenOffice Writer (AbiWord does all I need)
Is this still installed by default? If so which version of Xubuntu and live or alternate CD?

> b) Thunderbird (prefer web-based GMail)
> c) Gnumeric (no need for it)

I've moved gqview to recommends so in gutsy it will be removable withiut removing xubuntu-desktop.


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