Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Aug 21 08:26:13 UTC 2007

> Isn't the whole purpose of Xubuntu to keep it small and optimized for 
> slower computers?
It is.
> I am not exactly sure what is put into it these days but it was much 
> faster a few releases ago..

That is mostly because of X and GTK slowing down maybe or changes to the base
system outside the contol of Xubuntu. Addition of avahi, HP printing services
new features to d-i and ubiquity.

We may need to consider dropping some of the base apps but we can only do that if they are
not part of ubuntu-standard or the ubuntu-minimal seeds.

> If it keeps getting slower i'm considering running another distro on my 
> old laptop..

Adding apps which are not run as part of the liveCD or the base system do not 'slow
down' anything. They take uip Cd and disk space though.


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