GNOME dependencies

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Aug 9 19:25:56 UTC 2007

> Of course I'm exaggerating, but I think this could happen if we start
> adding lots of gnome apps without being careful, "since one more won't
> hurt".

we're going to be careful :)

>> Lionel, do you use xfburn and xarchiver regularly?
> I don't use xarchiver nor xfburn, since I prefer command-line tools

me too. But we can't expect that from all users, unless we agree that we
are not going to target newbies. Xfce has historically been a more techie oriented
desktop but the way it looks and behaves now (except with small defects) it
deserves apps of similar quality bundled with it.

> (such as tar, bzip2) and before the creation of the ubuntu-burning team
> I took care of brasero (so I sometimes use it when I need to burn a disc).
> The issue with xfburn seems more important to me, because it's
> completely broken, unusable and unmaintained upstream (that's not the
> case of xarchiver); the Ubuntu-burning team even wanted to remove it
> from the archive... Brasero is the only gtk burning app still
> maintained, but its 'heavy' dependencies are going to be an issue for
> xubuntu. Unfortunately, I don't see any 'good' solution yet. :/

I think brasero in default is better than xfburn. I'd say nothing in default is better
than xfburn. So are we going to not provide a CD burning app because the one we'd ship
does not fulfill our current criteria of dependencies?
Not an easy solution I agree.


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