Epiphany in Xubuntu?

h.aling at home.nl h.aling at home.nl
Thu Aug 9 15:22:49 UTC 2007

---- Vincent <imnotb at gmail.com> schrijft: 
> Hello list,
> Recently I have been working with the Epiphany browser a bit, and I must
> say: it's not bad. Now with the discussion on including Gnome dependencies
> the idea occurred to me that perhaps it would be a good idea to replace
> Firefox with Epiphany. I know this has been discussed before, and I'm not
> really counting on it happening, but I wanted to give it some thoughts
> again, because if we are to include Gnome dependencies, the barrier to
> including Epiphany would be lower. In fact, it would be a way of staying
> quite light-weight, while still being able to include perhaps more
> functional apps (though I prefer Xarchiver to the sluggish file-roller,
> taking the minor interface issues for granted).
> Firstly, what is the reason for us to use Firefox by default? What exactly
> do we require of a default web browser? I suppose it needs to at least be
> able to browse the web. True, Epiphany perhaps has less features than
> Firefox, but it does have most of the basics.
> Furthermore, it has two benefits over Firefox:
>  1) It's faster
>  2) It integrates better with the rest of the desktop (though Firefox
> already does a pretty good job for such a multi-platform application)
> I guess when one prefers Firefox over Epiphany, this is because of Firefox's
> many extensions (at least it can't be because of the tabs or the fact that
> it's open source ;-). However, when someone is of the type to find and
> install extensions himself, he probably is also perfectly able (and willing)
> to install Firefox himself.
> So, I'd like to hear everybody's thoughts and perhaps more reasons to
> include one browser or another by default.

I can think of one basic reason: familiarity.

Since FF is a cross-platform application, users will feel right at home using FF... (not to be confused with quality)


> Thanks,
> -- 
> Vincent

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