Xhelp code on launchpad ready

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 22:33:20 UTC 2007

> A more light-weight browser would address this issue. However, one must 
> ask why doesn't Ubuntu simply do the same - use Firefox for browsing 
> their documentation? If one can answer this, they can understand why we 
> too are following in those foot step.

Ubuntu does not use  Firefox bacause GNOME docs are not HTML.

> It would be no problem at all to launch firefox for external links. It 
> would also be possible to stylize these links in some way to show the 
> users they are an external link. We were going to do this for the 
> "Xubuntu Welcome Centre".

It's the same problem on older systems as you mentined above. People will not know
why clicking on a link suddenly starts loading another app. Besides the time to load that
you mentioned there will be an UI inconsistency as well.


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