New Murrina theme proposal

jmak jozmak at
Fri Aug 3 18:23:20 UTC 2007

On 8/3/07, Freddy Martinez <freddymartinez9 at> wrote:
> I like it, how complete is it?   Is this for Gutsy?  If so, would it
> be possible to get that packaged and uploaded into main before Gutsy
> Tribe 4?  I'm starting the Tribe 4 release notes and looking to do a
> "new look for Xubuntu" release.  I'd like to know the art is done
> soon, but thats offtopic.
> +1 from me.

It looks pretty complete. Lionel who takes care with the packaging,
perhaps he can tell you more about this.
By the way, the artworks are complete, I will release them during this
weekend, perhaps sunday.



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