xubuntu "Institutional colour"

Roberto Benitez robertomariobenitez at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 14:18:56 UTC 2007

I have an idea going around my head that I would like to share with the
I don't know if it is feasable or if I am in a totally different page from
the team.
I was thinking about the main colour of xubuntu.
Since xubuntu started we are using blue (almost the same as kubuntu?) in the
website and in the desktop's background, splash screen (black/blue), etc.
On the other side, xubuntu was born because the community needed a small,
fast version with strong economy of resources (let say the environmental
version of ubuntu).
I am not an expert on this sort of "sociological-marketing-etc" analisys (so
the experts, please, sorry)

What I see is:
1) ubuntu-brown-human version
2) kubuntu-blue-kde version
3) xubuntu-green-environmentalist version

I also know that this is not the right moment to talk about because we are
busy with the new release but I started thinking about because of the coming
soon new website (drupal) version.
Maybe if we have a couple of seconds we can share opinions from our devel

I hope you will be patiente with my poor tech english.
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