Xhelp code on launchpad ready

Tim Webster twebster80 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 00:31:39 UTC 2007

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Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks to Freddy I was finally able to get everything ok with bzr. I
> successfully committed the xhelp code:
> bzr checkout sftp://<username>bazaar.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-doc/xubuntu-documentation-browser/xhelp
> I would like you to fetch it and compile it so to give your criticism.
> Next step is the integration with libgtkhtml2 so to load an html file
> and display it in the window.
> Thanks,
Hello Giuseppe
		My name is Tim Webster. I am a complete beginner to Xubuntu and to the
structure for development in this community. Being a complete newbie to
this process I have managed to create an account in launchpad and signed
a code of contact. Being at such a novice level would I have access to
the program listed above. If so could you explain the process to access
this code or point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance for
any help you give.
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