Proposed Xubuntu meeting schedule for the Gutsy release cycle

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Mon Apr 23 21:12:10 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I don't know what everyone's timezone is, but I've attempted to piece
together a Xubuntu meeting schedule for the Gutsy cycle based on our prior
meeting activities.  It would be great if we could have regular attendance,
particularly from the core developer group, so let the group know whether
these dates and times will work for you.

Wednesday    2-May         2200-2400
Saturday    19-May         1700-1900
Wednesday    30-May         2200-2400
Saturday    16-Jun         1700-1900
Wednesday    27-Jun         2200-2400
Saturday    14-Jul         1700-1900
Wednesday    25-Jul         2200-2400
Saturday    11-Aug         1700-1900
Wednesday    22-Aug         2200-2400
Saturday    8-Sep         1700-1900
Wednesday    19-Sep         2200-2400
Saturday    6-Oct         1700-1900

If these dates/times don't work for you, feel free to propose a new time.
Once we're confirmed, we'll get the schedule up on the Fridge.  Thanks,

jwcampbell at
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