livecd memory requirements

Adam Miller maxamillion at
Fri Apr 13 13:07:57 UTC 2007

The dapper image seems fully functional with 128mb of ram when running on
qemu (with 128mb ram explicitly set).... I will be testing the feisty image
later on in the day when I get a chance... just thought I would report in.


On 4/13/07, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> > Once we have the results, what should we say on the website? Dapper can
> > do on 128M and Edgy+ on higher?
> depends on the results. I am not 100% sure dapper worked with 128M is you
> did not have swap.
> In edgy activating existing swap partitions was broken and that made the
> problem affect all
> 128M boxes, regardless of their having linux previously installed.
> Of course one can test dapper and report that too
> Jani
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