Edgy Beta1 .... slow?

Adam Miller maxamillion at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 16:45:13 UTC 2006

I assumed the alpha releases were generally slower in average functionality
and usage do to heavy development and that bugs were the main focus over
optimization. I was just wondering now with the Beta release, why does edgy
seem so much slower than dapper? Are things still under too heavy of
development to be bothered with speed increases?

Also, I still just get a blank screen while my kernel boots ... Its not so
much a bad thing as I would consider it to be discouraging to newer users
because there is no indication that its booting properly accept for your hdd
status led and the fact that you don't get error messages.

Sorry if this seemed pointless, I know its not an incredibly purposeful post
but these were concerns I had and just thought I would ask. Thanks for your
time as always.


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